Providing easy and live Cheat Statuses for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CheatStatus has now shut down

CheatStatus was created as a hobby project during the COVID-19 lockdown here in the UK. It became very popular very quickly, amassing over a million plus visits in total over it's lifetime (calculated via our hosting partner CloudFlare). However due to the extreme management required and the constant updating of the cheats where "Live Check" features were enabled and the constant need to purchase a cheat subscription for "Live Check" as well as finding reliable sources of information to provide actual status for the remainder of the cheats themselves,

I've decided to shut down the project indefinitely.

I suggest checking out the r/Csgohacks Subreddit and checking the pinned post titled "Master Guide to All There to Cheating in CS:GO; v_Final". It has a ton of useful information regarding cheating and cheats and the difference between the different types of bans and more.
NOTE: The subreddit may give you a hint of retardation and autism which is incurable unless you spam '1', 'nn', 'sit dog' and 'uid??????????' in the chat after getting a kill.

- Killa